iPhone Car Integration: The Complete Guide

The iPhone has been dabbling in the automotive world since its release last year, but getting the little bugger fully in tune with your vehicle, when it lacks any kind of integrated solutions, can be a pain in the ass. The Apple fiends at iLounge did the iPhone-touting world a favor by putting together a comprehensive guide to integrating the iPhone into a car. This is a thorough attempt to solve one of the biggest problems with the iPhone: the fact that you can only use the headphone jack or Bluetooth to handle the phone functionality, and not the bottom dock adapter that handles everything else, therefore requiring multiple gadgets for voice and media car integration.


Regardless of the route you take, there is a good chance that the wires will clutter your interior, unless you get really handy with the craftsmanship. And if wires are your biggest enemy, then it may be time to look into a new purchase. [iLounge]

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