Introducing The Jalopnik Buyer's Guide

We’ve been giving more consumer advice lately around here but it is, like many things on a reverse-chronological blog, not always easy to find. In recognition of this we’ve launched the Jalopnik Buyer’s Guide with all of our roundups of recommended cars and gear, as well as the Jalopnik Review leaderboards. Click here or use the drop down menu near the logo to find it.

Unlike our normal reviews, these are more focused on what a typical consumer would want, but still from the perspective of people who love cars. It’ll only be updated a couple of times a month so all of our advice should be easy to find.


Your sister wants an affordable performance car and you think she’s nuts to not try the WRX or Fiesta ST? You can point her to this. Your uncle wants a midsize sedan and is, for some incomprehensible reason, trying to buy the last new Mitsubishi Galant? Need a dash cam? That’s what we’re here for.

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