Inspiration From the Bodega: More Trabantamino!

We didn't see his face. From the back, we would judge he was in his mid-to-early '60s. But there he was, standing there at the other cash register at the bodega, silver-gray buzzcut, jeans, tennies and a satin jacket that read, "The Heartbeat of America. Chevrolet." Below that? The joyous El Camino logo embroidered in red. Why we didn't chase him down and offer to buy it is beyond us, and we've spent the rest of the morining kicking ourselves for that and every other major wrong turn we've made in life. But we answer this Heartbeat of America with an East German hearthrob almost as magnificent as Katarina Witt; yes friends, it's once again Trabbimino time.

Trabant Pickup + Trabant Limousine

More El Camininos!


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