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When we reported on lengthy fuel lines in Houston after Hurricane Ike, we made an off-hand joke about Prius owners no longer being a target of ridicule for truck owners. Walking our way to the coffee shop we now call home we noticed, amid the trucks, a lowly first-gen Honda Insight waiting to fill up. Damon Reed, the owner of the little hybrid, didn't seem to be too worried about the gas lines. Reed says he's been getting up to 60 miles on a gallon of gas while driving around suburban Houston and this is the first time since the Hurricane, which struck late Friday night, that he's gone to the gas station. He still had half a tank, but this particular gas station recently reopened and the line was therefore not as long as it had previously been. Though drivers in large trucks physically look down on Reed, he claims that, for the most part, people are merely curious about the vehicle. His entire family drives hybrids so they're doing better than many in the area. Unfortunately, he's been living in hard-hit Galveston and has no idea whether or not any of his possessions survived.


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