Insane Canadian Grand Prix Pass Had Zero Room For Error

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Close passes are one thing. Threading your wheel in between the two wheels of another Formula One race car next to you resides on a whole different plane of ridiculousness. Here’s the most beastly overtake of this year’s Canadian Grand Prix, courtesy of Felipe Massa as he goes around Marcus Ericsson.

No crashes. No taps. (Although as LVPoen points out, there may have been the faintest rub.) There’s just enough room for the two cars to maintain their distance, and almost nothing more.


Not only is this a pass you won’t see outside of open-wheel racing (for obvious, physically impossible reasons), but it actually does prove that Formula One still has some of the best racers on the planet after all.

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And here’s what blows. Watching the race here in the USA, this pass happened during a picture-in-picture ad break. Fortunately, I was already standing at the time and able to move with considerable speed towards the television.

Remarkable driving by Massa and Vettel.