Infiniti Wants Someone Like Jonathan Pryce To Sell Its Cars Again

Few people sound quite so luxurious as actor Jonathan Pryce. And 20 years ago, he sounded luxurious selling Infinitis. Aware that they're not premium enough these days, Infiniti is apparently considering a sophisticated new spokesperson.

In an interview with AdAge, Infiniti's director of marketing Allyson Witherspoon was discussing a possible agency move when the topic of Mr. Pryce came up. AdAge called Pryce's ads Infiniti's most iconic, though you'd probably call their first ads their most infamous.


Who's it going to be? Well Witherspoon apparently wants someone who's "relevant." Jon Hamm is busy telling you how much a Mercedes C250 is leasing for right now. Tom Hiddleston is occupied being a Jaguar villain.

But if Infiniti were to revive the Pryce-era ads, Saturday Night Live could also bring back its parody of those ads. Or Mike Myers could be in both the real and fake ads. Do that, Infiniti.

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