Illustration for article titled Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Concept Is A Sedan With An Unpronounceable Name

How do you say Eau Rouge correctly? Ohhhh Ruuuuj? Ewwww Rooooj? Ehhh Reeeeez? Ew Rujew? Not that it matters. This is what Infiniti's plan for a high-performance Q50 looks like.


While there are no details on the powertrain yet, this is what we can expect Infiniti's M3/C63/IS-F/RS4 (wow there are a lot of small performance sedans out there aren't there?) rival to look like.

The car has a carbon fiber roof, 21-inch lightweight wheels, and an aero design influenced by Red Bull Racing, of course. Infiniti says that the front wing and rear end packaging were directly influenced by the Red Bull RB9 F1 car. The Q50 Eau Rouge only shares the roof and door profiles with a standard Q50. Everything else is changed.

Infiniti hasn't said if the Q50 will have their wireless steering. It just might though, since they tout it as the Q50's killer app.


We'll know more about the Q50 Eau Rouge when it debuts in Detroit on January 14th.

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