Heads up Indy Racing League fans (all twelve of you). The IRL's announced they're sticking with current chassis-builder Dallara for the next generation of lighter-weight and cheaper cars with customizable aero-packages.

The new Dallara Chassis, an all-carbon fiber affair produced in a new plant in Indianapolis, will hit the track for the 2012 race season. It weighs in 185 lbs less than the current one at 1,380 lbs and though not radically restyled, certainly offers a different look than the current racers. The new cars will have a degree of aerodynamic customization not afforded in the current chassis, allowing teams to modify the cars far more than is done today. What isn't settled yet is the engine supplier. IRL is hoping to get multiple engine suppliers lined up to address the criticism the sport's turned into nothing more than a spec series, but nothing has been inked yet.

We gotta be honest, we were pulling for the utterly bonkers Delta Wing Racer, who doesn't want to see an IndyCar Batmobile rocket ship circling the Brickyard? [Autoblog]