In the Works: GM's New European Design Center

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GM Europe's new European Design Center, which will open next January in R sselsheim, Germany, is one more link in a chain of GM design shops, which, like many in GM upper management, will exist in both physical space and virtual reality.

The new center, part of an integrated design network digitally linked to GM operations around the world, will focus on Europe-based product development and advanced design projects. Considering R sselsheim is also the home to a production plant of increasing importance to GM Europe (GM selected it to produce the next-generation Saab 9-3 and 9-5, and other front-drive models — like Opels and, likely, Cadillacs — that will ride on GMs new-generation Epsilon platform), the new design house will likely be the go-to facility for GM Europe's brands. (Also: GM Europe is also creating a global Saab Brand Center in Sweden, which will house Saab's strategic design and marketing units.)


General Motors Europe announces new European Design Center [Car Design News (see also AutoWonder)]

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