Watch This Road-Raging Motorcyclist Curb His Enthusiasm

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Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous since you are inherently more exposed than the occupants in the giant metal cars on the road around you. That’s why whenever anyone on a motorcycle gets involved in a road-raging feud with a car, it never, ever ends well for them.

Update: The original video was removed, so here’s another, slightly annoying copy. (Sorry!)

Watch karma kick this road-raging biker to the curb, literally:

I don’t know if the guy is alright—it looks like he took those handlebars pretty hard before flying off over the curb. But dude, how did you not see this coming?


No, seriously. There were some of those giant square reflectors literally directly in front of you, how did you not see this happening?

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As the driver of the car do you laugh, hope he’s ok and keep driving or do you stop to render aid. If the biker was pissed about something before he’s gonna be right pissed after crashing so driving away might not be a bad idea but ya can’t just leave the dude there can ya? Hmmm.

Edit. In America? No aid, too many guns, might get shot. Europe, Canada or damn near anywhere else in the world? Yes, render aid. Not as many guns.