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President Bush was going to have himself a fancy little sit-down with US automakers on May 18th to discuss some issues the boys from Metro Detroit needed to discuss โ€” things like pension reforms and other legacy costs such as healthcare. Bush set the appointment and oops, found out he just couldn't make it. So he asked the Big Three to come back early the next month, let's say...June 2nd. Aww jeez โ€” this is embarrassing...but he couldn't make that one either. Then, he called to postpone that meeting and said "let's look at sometime by the end of June." Well, the end of June is next week โ€” and when asked by reporters this week whether President Bush plans on meeting with US automakers, his spokesperson's response:

"July, maybe?"

Why do we feel like Bush is treating this meeting as though it's his annual colonoscopy?

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