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Say what you will about the crude technology used by a lot of Soviet-era Russian machinery- and we're still not 100% convinced they used tiny vacuum tubes instead of transistors in their aircraft electronics purely as an anti-EMP measure, so don't get started on that- those Russian engineers knew how to get the damn job done. You say you got fascist invaders swarming across the border and you need, like, a gadzillion T34s yesterday? Hey, no sweat- just dig turret-shaped holes in the ground and add molten steel- who needs a goddamn factory building? The same resourcefulness was applied to their peacetime motor vehicles; you say the October Revolution Manufacturing Collective #5202A can't make effective grease seals for Volga suspension components? Well, just install a central oil tank, add handy foot-operated pump, and when the driver thinks the balljoints are getting a litty dry on a rough Siberian highway, why, he can just give 'em a few squirts of soothing lube.


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All Hail The Glorious Revolutionary Stalinmobile! [internal]


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