In Russia, Swamp Buggies You! The Cheburator IV

There's a new way to skulk around the Pripet Marshes, and it doesn't involve wearing boots that rise to the top of your head. It's the Cheburator IV, a Russian SUV, of sorts, sporting balloon tires and a bod for bogging. It can also climb sheer walls, sort of, and float, which makes it particularly well suited for serious playdates. Click through for swamping amusement.

[via English Russia]


In Russia, Tank Builds YOU! [internal]

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Sounded like hoon daddy to me.

Too bad you guys don't understand that with a roll bar you need a little thing called a seatbelt. These guys are less safe with no seatbelt and no roll bar than they would be with a seatbelt and a roll bar, but they're a hell of a lot safer than if they only had one or the other. No seatbelt and a roll bar is a problem because the bar makes it hard to bail. No bar and a seatbelt is a problem because then you're strapped to the sonofabitch if it tries to turn over on you. These are the rules you learn in 'Farm Equipment 101', and since these things are probably made from tractors, I don't see what the big deal is.

Not a fan of the chain drive though.