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In Gaza, Industrious Mechanics Turn Vintage Cars into Wannabe Pintos

Illustration for article titled In Gaza, Industrious Mechanics Turn Vintage Cars into Wannabe Pintos

Times are tough in Gaza. So tough, in fact, that the Middle Eastern region's residents, starved for petrol as a result of Israeli sanctions, have turned to running their cars on pressurized cooking gas, according to a report today in the Toronto Star. Yes, that's right: for a little under $300, Gaza mechanics will plumb a cooking-gas tank into a car's trunk. Don't panic, though. It's not exactly Pinto redux.


The Star's report doesn't get into it, but in much of the world, propane "autogas" is a legit alternative to other fuels. The conversions are evidently pretty simple, although as you might imagine, old cars are better than new.

Obviously, we're hoping that the gearheads of Gaza are getting expert at this new trade. If the gas leaks, it can easily catch fire or explode. [Toronto Star]

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Rob Emslie


Yeah, I used to drive a propane-powered ambulance. One of our vans was t-boned making an illegal u-turn and we all thought all that would be left was a big hole in the ground, but nothing ever leaked despite the frame of the econoline being bent. It didn't smell all that good when refueling though.