In Defense Of Camaro Haters

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In the Ezra Dyer-penned musclegasm on the Chevy Camaro in this Sunday's NYT Automobiles section, Dyer claims that, for seemingly unknown reasons, automotive writers think the Camaro's inferior to the Mustang. The one reason we know that he ignores, below.

Now I love the new Chevy Camaro as much as any other red-blooded American male, but unlike Ezra Dyer, I'm not willing to ignore a problem with the new Camaro greater than even its hefty weight. It's a problem greater than the money Chevy saved by using low-quality interior materials. It's a problem more massive than the loss of the torque-o-meter from the four-pack of gauge clusters on the transmission tunnel. More importantly, it's a problem that the Mustang solves.

In the Mustang, I'm able to rest my elbow on the windowsill without causing an ulnar nerve displacement. So if I'd driven the 'stang nine hours from Detroit to New York in August rather than the Camaro, maybe I'd still be able to feel the "a" and "z" keys when I type "Ezra." See. Right there. Can't feel the "z" and "a" anymore. Grrr. [NYT]