Ah, the S-Curl. The source of what would lead to millions of embarrassing family photos at holiday gatherings everywhere.

Back in the '90s, my dad was a store manager at Merry Go Round and to impress the customers, he rocked a reddish-burgundy S-Curl flat-top (think Sinbad in "A Different World") that required God knows how many hours of maintenance. He also drove a yellow Ford EXP at the time.

Why he didn't enter the 1990 S-Curl Manhunt Corvette Giveaway is beyond me. I mean, come on! Cruise around the exciting world of the S-Curl man! And you could have become a model, too.

But this has to be one of the funniest car giveaways I've seen, and it just makes you wonder how many promotional tie-ins General Motors had around the '90s that we haven't stumbled across yet. "The Velveeta/Pace Salsa nachos Pontiac Trans Sport Extravaganza!" "The Kotex Oldsmobile Achieva Sweepstakes!"