Ride Along As Sebastian Vettel Gets Acquainted With A Ferrari F1 Car

Sebastian Vettel took his first laps in a Ferrari Formula One car last week, and now Ferrari has released an onboard highlight video of that test. Vettel not only takes the car around the track, but runs several tests with it to get used to how the Ferraris work.

We don't often see onboards of Formula One cars being put through different system tests and checks, so getting to see them in Vettel's first Ferrari test is pretty cool.


This is the F2012 car from two years ago, and Vettel ran somewhere close to one hundred laps around Fiorano to get used to how Ferrari's systems typically work. This also allowed him to start working with the team and getting to know everyone he'll be working with on the 2015 car.

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I'm sure the neighbors loved hearing that car run for 100 laps.

No, seriously. After this season and the crappy turbo 6's, the town probably had a collective eargasm.