I'm On My Way to Catalina!

Inspired by commenter pres' fine-looking '64 model, we thought it was time to pay our respects to the fabulous Pontiac Catalina. Our Grandjalopniks owned two Safari models — a '62 and a '68, while our Jaloparents had a '69 four-door bought from Stan down the street (note that said Jaloparents didn't pay more than a grand for a car until the mid-'80s). These cars were simply the business. The '69 was known as "Mr. Johnson's Rustproof Car" by his students, due to its heavily-oxidized metallic green paint, a testament to GM glory. The '68 burned up in a fire. The '62? The '62 could've been one Jalop's fresh personal ride, had he not been consumed with a '70 Buick at that point. Said Jalop is still kicking himself.

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