China's Haima Auto have recently signed a contract with the Chinese electric car supplier Hong Yuan Lan Xiang to produce a car named 'Snowden.' Yes, that Snowden.

Car News China translated an interview with Hong Yuan Lan Xiang’s CEO Mr. Zhu He Feng from Jinghua News, explaining why they registered the Snowden trademark (both in English and in Mandarin) last Thursday.

Jing Hua: Why did you register the Snowden brand?

Zhu He Feng: After researching and developing a series of technological secrets we thought that it linked nicely with the Snowden issue

JH: Are you not worried the application will be overturned?

JHF: In 2010 somepeople registered the Snowden name for clothing, so we are full of confidence.

JH: Do you plan to enter the American market?

JHF: We can’t say for sure. Snowden told the truth, not all Americans are out to get him.

Hong Yuan Lan Xiang even ran a 'Snowden Electric Car Tour' around Beijing, to raise awareness for green issues, but they were stopped by the police an forced to remove all Snowden imagery.

Jeez, can't an entrepreneur capitalize on international espionage anymore?

Photo Credit: AP/Haima