I'm Going To NYC, Tell Me What To See (And Drive!)

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It's been exactly a year since I started as Jalopnik's European guy in Budapest, during which time I had the pleasure of meeting only two fellow crew members, Matt and Mike. The list is going to get much longer next week.


I'm arriving in New York City next week to spend some quality time at the Gawker headquarters in Soho getting to know the people and working closely with them for a week. However, if you feel that I shouldn't spend a cold but sunny morning at the office, feel free to tip me off with a good car story waiting to happen nearby. Maybe we can make it work!

Even better, after the 14th, I'm staying for another week on holiday, by which time I should be tired of delicious Chinese, Italian, and deli food. And as we all know, driving makes you lose weight.

What should I do? Where should I go? What should I drive?

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