Hungary probably has the biggest and most loyal Lada community in the world, and somehow, I managed to miss their biggest party this year. I'm an idiot.

The original lightweight racing Lada, the first VFTS series might have been produced in Lithuania, but since then, Hungarians built more of these (now historic) race machines than any other nation. You start with one before upgrading to an E30 or an Evo.

The 1200 (or 1300), the "Zsiguli" that looks like the Fiat 124 was the car you could buy here back in the day, after waiting for some time of course. We had three, and all were wagons.


The 1500? Oh, that was the best by far. Double headlamps, a beefier engine, round instruments, Italian styling cues all around. It's a respected classic today for a good reason.

I don't need to introduce the Niva, and when it comes to the Samara, well, fuck it, at least it was designed by Porsche. Really.

You bet your ass I'll be there next year!