The Fiat 500 Abarth is an angry little son of a bitch. It's one of our favorite cars. But what if you wanted to have a naughty 500 without the power? That's where the 500 Cattiva comes in.

Cattiva means angry in Italian. I think. I took six years of Italian. Actually, let me look it up now. Ok, so it technically means bad, but I think angry/naughty works too.

This is an appearance package for the 500, which makes it all blacked out and angry, without the power to back up its looks. It's a lot like me, this car.

You get blacked out headlamps, taillamps, and other lamps, "Hyper Nero" wheels, a black roof, and an angry spoiler. It comes in red, copper, black, silver, crystal, white, or a sweet light blue. The interior also gets the angry treatment. The pricing is pretty decent too, just $18,350 for the 500 and $20,350 for the Turbo.


It's only available on the 500 and 500 Turbo, probably because a 500 Abarth with a package like this would be the spawn of Satan himself.