Illinois Mayor Party-Poops On Hilarious Stop Signs

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Planners in the Chicago suburb of Oak Lawn had a little fun when putting up stop signs and now that fun is done thanks to a party-pooping mayor. The signs are the standard issue octagons, but included are funny catchphrases and song lyrics that commonly accompany the word "stop." The hijinks include "Stop In The Naaaame of Love" and "Stop Right Pilgrim." The mayor isn't necessarily the bad guy because he is abiding by the Illinois Department of Transportation that says the signs violate the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and failure to remove the signs could cost the city federal funding. Of course, the intention of the signs were to get motorists to actually stop by hoping they would read the signs and let out a chuckle. It's okay, Oak Lawn, just don't... STOP ...believin'... [AP]


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