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This Is What Happens When You Bring A Red Epic To A Car Show

This is what Caffeine and Octane, Atlanta's Cars and Coffee replica looks like when it's shot on a Red EPIC — a camera that starts at $17,500 before you even buy glass for it.


Gorgeous right? Click over to Dylan Wintersteen's Reddit post right here for more details on the shoot.

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720p? Are you kidding me? Sure, the contrast and saturation look great (if not a little over the top) partially due to the polarized filter that they used, but they are definitely digitally enhanced. The sky was overexposed, but showed up as various shades of pink in every shot. I mean, if someone is going to the trouble of taking a camera that can capture up to 5K footage, I would expect at least 4k on Youtube. Most people have at least a 1080p screen, and many have 1880p, even on their laptop (like me).

Here is some nice 4K footage: