There are a few rules to racing. Hit the apex, power out of the corners, and one more – the Jalopnik Bump. If you want to win, you've got to get it. And it's power is clearly permeating.

The Jalopnik Bump can take a few forms. Mainly, the racer needs to either hang out with all you Jalops, or slap a sticker on their car. It sounds simple enough.

It's also been an unstoppable force for a while now, but it really came to prominence when Ryan Eversley dominated at Watkins Glen. Since then it's gotten a top-five finish, won a rally, and rode on an incredibly fast BMW racer.

And now, it's hit Red Bull Global RallyCross. Up top is Patrik Sandell, who unfortunately didn't win, but still has faith in its abilities. But below is proof of its magic:


What you're looking at is the podium at the Global RallyCross race in New York. Tanner Foust finished first, Scott Speed finished second, and Nelson Piquet., Jr., finished third. Tanner Foust and Scott Speed answered all your burning queries, and Nelson couldn't ride without the angel on his shoulders.


Sure, you can make arguments about "skill," or "luck," or "these guys have worked really hard to achieve what they have, and it's a team effort comprised of hundreds of people who struggle at every event to make it all happen, and you're looking at two former Formula One drivers and the beast-mode driving host of Top Gear, the Jalopnik Bump is completely silly and really proof of nothing at all.

But you look at that podium, and tell me it's wrong. Tell me that if you wanted to race, and you wanted to win, you wouldn't want every little bit of help you could get.


All hail the Jalopnik Bump.

UPDATE: Scott Speed was unfortunately disqualified, following a penalty assessed after the first red flag. His third place spot, however, does go to Ken Block, who still managed to snag the coveted shared-to-the-Jalopnik-front-page nudge, on account of his Q&A last week. THE BUMP AND/OR NUDGE CONTINUES.