Ignore That Pride Of Lions Devouring Some Poor, Delicious Animal. What Car Is This?

You know what I love about our readers? I mean besides everything, and the way they smell? The fact that one of our readers was sent this remarkable picture of a pride of lions devouring their kill, a powerful, visceral reminder of the majesty and cruelty of nature, and all they can think about is what that vehicle is on the left edge of the picture. So let’s figure it out!

This picture was taken in Kruger National Park in South Africa, and the vehicle seems to be some sort of SUV, fairly recent by the ultrasonic sensor on the (chrome!) bumper, and it seems more likely to an Asian brand than, say, a European one, but that’s just a hunch.


The separate, low-mounted reverse lamp/reflector should be a good clue.

So, who knows what that is? I was sent the picture by a reader named Matt, whose brother sent it to him, and while the brother knows the vehicle, he won’t tell Matt until this goes up here, so there’s a bit of a blackmail situation happening here.

I’m sure one of you will recognize this immediately, so have at it!

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