Illustration for article titled If you took the $100,000 that fell out a truck, please return it

An estimated $100,000 fell out of a bank courier van in outer Pittsburgh on Wednesday afternoon when its doors accidentally opened up on the road. All but $400 is still missing. People of Pittsburgh, please give the money back, the bank misses it very much.


Drivers had pulled to the side of the road, flocking to the open van and grabbing whatever bills they could in the breeze, as well as most of the van's plastic bags filled with cash. In a very honest and polite statement, Police Lt. James Englert addressed the city after the cleanup.

"This is not a free-for-all situation. Obviously, this money is ... bank property."

The police and the owners of the van, Fidelity Courier Services, are waiting things out for the next two weeks, hoping for someone to come forward with the missing tender before they start looking to apprehend the thieves. They may be disappointed.

Photo Credit: Tracy Byrnes

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