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It’s kind of A Thing for Dodge Chargers and Challengers to wear little yellow bumper protectors as fashion accessories. It’s, uh, controversial on the forums but the masses have spoken and a lot of people think they look cool. So maybe the next move is this sweet crash test tape as decorative trim?


To be honest, I have to admit, I actually do like the way those yellow bumper strips look on Dodges. Like, for serious. Sorry! Small, bright accents are my bag, which you would know if we hung out on Twitter.

Speaking of crappy corners of the internet, Twitter is where I noticed’s David Undercoffler sharing the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s teaser about 2019 Ford Ranger crash results which, of course, featured the image you see above. And I couldn’t help but feel like that black-and-yellow caution tape-looking strip actually, kind of, a little bit, looks cool.

Nah, just kidding. Don’t put that on your dashboard. Unless, I mean, maybe? No. (Do it.)

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