If You Give Your Car A 'Redneck Funeral' Take Out Your Insurance Card

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In many ways, life is really about the details. You'd be surprised at the effect a tiny detail can have. A detail like leaving your insurance card in the car you gave a "redneck funeral" to and abandoned in the woods. Which is then found by some politely sarcastic hikers.

The dead, degraded Thunderbird was found by some hikers near Bear Creek, BC, and they took a strikingly lovely photo and had this to say, via the site UsedVictoria:

We weren't looking for a smashed up Thunderbird when we went for a leisurely drive to Bear Creek today, but lucky for you we found it!! At first we were worried about how we could return it to its rightful owner, but then we


found some insurance papers with your name on them. I'm not good at tracking people down, so I passed the info on to the Sooke RCMP (I hear they're good at that sort of thing). It'll probably be super easy for them to find you too since your Facebook profile has multiple pictures of you with the car. Thanks for the added comment about "bringing it up to the woods to give it a redneck funeral"... That makes it easier to identify you as the rightful owner. So... You should be contacted shortly on how to get your car back. No need to thank me. Just being a good citizen. ;)


Damn, Canadians are polite. Even when they're about to make your life into an expensive hassle you absolutely deserve for something stupid and irresponsible you've done, they still end their upbeat missives with a little winky emoticon.

There's several lessons here. First, if you do something as shitty as pollute a park area with your trashed beater, at least be smart enough to get rid of any identifying materials and try and have enough restraint to not brag about the shitty thing you're doing on Facebook.



(Thanks, IMAC)