What's the biggest offense the Smart Fortwo is guilty of? Is it that it's overpriced, or that it's underpowered, or that it demands pricey 91 octane gasoline? No. Its biggest sin is its name.

Regular Car Reviews' latest piece is a scathing takedown of one of the most disappointing cars of the last decade, one that's so audacious its name implies it's better and "smarter" than all the other cars on the road. Hardly.

Maybe things would be better if the Smart had a real manual gearbox instead of the lackluster automated manual. Maybe we wouldn't hate it as much if our U.S. market Smart had the hyper-efficient diesel engine they get in Europe.

But as-is, the Smart is a lie on four wheels, a joke when better, more practical and more efficient cars can be had for just as much money, if not less. Here's hoping the all-new 2015 Smart Fortwo doesn't suck as much.