Dubai To Add A Ferrari To Its Police Fleet Since A Lambo Isn't Enough

Last week we saw the first pictures of a Lamborghini Aventador that the Dubai Police had pressed into service. It has been a hit in the city. Well, they have now decided to add a Ferrari to the fleet because that's what you do in Dubai.


The Dubai police chief says that Dubai is a unique city. And because of that, everything, including the police cars, need to be unique.

And nothing really says "unique" like adding a bunch of Italian supercars to your police fleet.

Chief Dahi says that adding the Ferrari to the fleet this week is confirmation that "Dubai is as magnificent and extravagant in all the services it provides."

In addition to the Aventador and the upcoming Ferrari, Dubai also has a Camaro on the highways of the area. It isn't just Italian metal out cruising.


And the cars aren't just for showing off. Chief Dahi says they'll be out catching speeding motorists. Residents of Dubai better start buying more Veyrons, Venoms, and Koenigseggs if they want to get away from the cops.

They have not yet said what kind of Ferrari will be added to the fleet. Since the Aventador police car can only hold two, maybe they'll pick up an FF so that they can actually arrest people and take them back to the station.


We'll see later this week.

(Hat Tip to George!)

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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