The front-engined, V8-powered Porsche 928 was intended to be an eventual replacement for the iconic but aging 911, but Porsche-philes everywhere made it clear that they prefer their flagship car has the engine in the back. That didn't stop the 928 from being great, and a lot of people long for a new one.

Here is what a possible modern Porsche 928 could look like, according to French designer Anthony Colard. He calls it the 921 Vision Concept, and he cooked it up as part of a job application for Porsche. I like the name because it's in keeping with modern Porsche models like the 991 and 981 Boxster/Cayman.

I also like it because it's gorgeous. It's a sleek, modern update of the 928 coupe with an unmistakably Porsche front end. Anthony writes that he sees it as a 400 horsepower V8 autobahn cruiser. From his site:

The front end is very tidy and designed with very few lines, the volumes yet express strength and refinement with precise detailing in the lamps to show the technological quality of the car. The rear echoes back to the original 928 design with its very specific glasshouse, here now with a floating A-pillar to emphasize the curvature and continuity between windshield and side windows.

The tail shows its Porsche DNA by mixing the original 928 recessed lamp design with the new Porsche 991 lamps. The lower valance stays simple, integrating in orderly fashion the number plate and reflectors above a double exhaust diffuser.

I'm a fan of the 928, so I'd love to see it make a comeback, even though I wonder where it would really fit into the Porsche lineup these days. Would it run the risk of stealing sales from the 911 if it was made to be too good, the same reason they don't put turbos on the Cayman? On the other hand, I feel like at least some buyers would be down with a Panamera-based coupe, especially if it was made to be more of a GT car than the 911.


All I know is this: Someone out there needs to hire Anthony Colard if Porsche hasn't done so. This car looks lovely, and it's something I'd be more than happy to see on the road.

Photos credit Anthony Colard