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If Only Every Hyundai Shot Flames Like This

There are many sensible reasons why the Hyundais with which you share the roads don’t shoot flames. That’s all well and good. But they should shoot flames anyway.

This is Hyundai’s next-season i20 WRC testing in the roads above Monte Carlo, the first rally of 2016.


Some might wonder if it will be the car to take down the nearly-unbeatable VW Polo. I wonder what life would be like if Hyundai sold a car like this to the public.


via Rallye Mag

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Are you doing something on the whole Citroën leaves WRC and Mads Østberg goes to Ford but hasn’t heard of his new teammate and suddenly loses his co-driver to someone else but it isn’t quite clear who yet and has to search around the world for a world class codriver that preferably can speak Norwegian/Swedish so he doesn’t need to translate ten years worth of pacenotes, Raph?

Oh wait, I just did it myself. Just not very formal. Oh well. Loeb is going to rallycross next season as well.