"Aston Martin On Ice" is being revived for this winter. That's not a theatrical spectacle so much as an amazing winter driving school for rich people. For $2,500 "and up," you can whip their spectacular sports cars on an ice course in Colorado, and let somebody else deal with the Check Engine light!

Is the term "powdered donuts" overused as reference to driving like a maniac in the snow? It is? Well, we'll have to come up with something new to say ("snow-drift" pun?) because apparently high-end snow-driving school is becoming a thing now.

You don't need to be an Aston Martin owner to attend Aston Martin On Ice, you just need money to burn and "one to three days" of free time to spend flogging fancy equipment in beautiful Colorado.


Naturally, laps around the hand-made ten-acre "practice surface" will be punctuated by opportunities to hang out in a luxurious camp and probably have some really nice coffee.

It's going down in February at Crested Butte, CO– some of you lucky bastards can sign up right here! Here's the kind of awesomeness you'll be enjoying:

Images via Aston Martin