If It's Not a Scottish Popemobile, It's Crap!

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Contrary to some folks' misconception, there was not only one Popemobile during John Paul's post-assasination-attempt reign. Much like the Duke boys didn't have one General Lee, Michael Knight rolled in more than one KITT, and Colt Seavers' truck sometimes switched between Chevrolet and GMC badging during the course of a Fall Guy episode, the late pontiff had a number of armored-phone-booth cars. And now one's up for bid. This particular example, a Range Rover-based model built for the Pope's '82 visit to the UK, was constructed by British Leyland, and will be auctioned off in Dumfries by Thomson Roddick Scottish Auctions on September 2nd. And really, who doesn't require at least one Popemobile in his stable? [Thanks to the bloke who makes the shirts for the tip.]

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