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Jonathan Ward’s ICON 4x4 turns trucks into beautiful restomod works of off-roading art. So when we hung out with him, we had no choice but to ask what it would take to turn Andrew Collins’ old Toyota Tundra into their kind of future classic.


Neat Stuff In Cool Cars is back for the spring, and this episode starts with a tour of ICON’s meticulous approach to making stunning retro trucks with modern engineering. But “look, don’t touch” just isn’t good enough in these things; Collins insisted on taking the ICON FJ44 Petersen Special for a spin too. It’s the idealized version of what the ultimate Toyota FJ40 could be.


You can’t really say the same for Collins’ well-used Tundra (“That exhaust leak is how pickup trucks are supposed to sound,” he says, which concerns me deeply) but Ward explains how he’d re-do the truck to make it ICON-tastic.

What truck do you think deserves the ICON treatment?

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