If Ford Invented The Mustang Today, Would It Be Made From A Fiesta?

When Ford debuted the Mustang back in '64, the car was little more than a rebodied economy car with a ton of trim and performance options. Given that same formula, what would the Mustang look like if it was designed today?

The original Mustang was only rear-wheel drive because it was built off of Ford's basic economy car, the Falcon, and that happened to be RWD. It's that economy car base that let the Mustang be so cheap. It started at $2,368, or $17,821 in today's money. That's about six grand less than the base price of the upcoming 'Stang, a car built on its own dedicated (and expensive) platform.


I would figure that the equivalent economy car base for a reborn Mustang would be a Fiesta. I like the idea of a redesigned, small, tossable FWD coupe, but past experience with the dreaded Ford EXP and the Ford Probe (both similarly front-drive Mustang-alikes) makes me think I'd be in the minority.

Do you think anyone would buy a new car built to the original Mustang formula, not just one sold with the same badge?

Photo Credits: Ford

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