The MotoGP Racer's Cribs Episode That Was Pulled For Tackiness Resurfaces

Jorge Lorenzo and Monster thought it would be fun to do their own version of MTV’s Cribs to show off their two-time world champion’s pad. Several hours after it was released, Lorenzo asked to have it taken down after the massive backlash. After watching it, I can’t say I’m surprised at the response.


The video was made just before the final round in Valencia in 2013, which he went on to win while losing the championship to Marquez by four points. It shows his 13,000 square foot home, complete with multiple pools, a home training center, an epic garage, and no shortage of models.

Monster and Lorenzo actually do a better job at making a Cribs video than Cribs ever did. In America, where the whole culture chases celebrity and internet fame, we want to think those we’re aspiring to be are living the life we imagine.

However, Lorenzo’s home country of Spain was in the midst of a massive financial crisis and unemployment was a record highs. Making matters worse, news was then released that this wasn’t even Jorge’s primary residence, which is actually located in Switzerland. The social media response was swift and severe as Lorenzo alienated his fan base, and they pulled the video quickly and apologized.

Somehow, the video has resurfaced so we can all watch and envy/cringe/judge how we’d design the place differently. Watching the video, the differences between our two cultures are vastly apparent. I don’t think anything like this would ever get made in the U.S., though that is likely where something like this would be the most well received.

For those of you who want to dive deeper into the backlash (it isn’t all that interesting), you can read this story by Asphalt & Rubber, or this one by Visordown.

Anyone else wishing they’d worked a little harder and getting faster?

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Maybe all it needed was a little X-to-the-Z-XZIBIT.


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Mr. Lorenzo,

I am available to be part of your entourage. I am willing to fulfill any role within the entourage including but not limited to; super bro, muscle head, old childhood friend, in touch emotional support, weed guy, lady setup man, and former racing nemesis that didn’t make it.