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Screenshot: 19Bozzy92 (YouTube)

The Toro Rosso STR1 was the last F1 car to run a V10 engine. While reading firsthand accounts of its soul-stirring shriek on Reddit is fun, listening to it in this video clip might be the next-best thing to witnessing it in person.

As 19Bozzy92 writes, the Toro Rosso team “took advantage of a concession” around rules mandating all cars run a 2.4-liter V8 “to assist less well-funded teams by avoiding the cost” of said engine. And indeed, you can still see the 2006 vehicle’s spec sheet on the team’s site.


So, the STR1 you’re seeing here driven by Ingo Gerstl packed a rev-limited and power-restricted Cosworth TJ2006 3.0-liter V10.

I did not know that, but I can confirm having watched this that the resulting noise is hard to forget... even coming through my headphones years later.

Enjoy on your way out of the office today. But, uh, make sure you’re volume’s down before you press play.

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