Idiot Rally Spectators Saved By A Pile Of Bricks

These rally spectators standing on the outside of a corner (bad move) were saved from a very grim kind of crash when a rally car careened into the pile of bricks they were standing on. The bricks absorbed the car, something like a gigantic crumple zone.


The moral of the story is don't stand on the outside of a corner. These spectators are just lucky the bricks didn't act like a ramp for the little Citroen C2.


At least it looked hilarious.

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Bob Loblaw Made Me Make a Phoney Phone Call to Edward Rooney

Perhaps I'm off base here, but I think these kinds of rally spectators are just massively selfish. No driver should ever be burdened with the weight the lives of spectators, particularly when casualties are a result of completely avoidable, non-freak accident type incidents.

No one perished here, thankfully, but the end result could have been much, much different for the assholes standing on that pile. And through no fault of his own the driver would live every day of the rest of his life with the weight of that incident on his shoulders. That's not okay, by me.

Stop spectating from unprotected vantages on the outsides of corners, assholes.