Here's why you have to be an idiot to jump out of a moving train for no good reason, as (visually) explained by an idiot jumping out of a moving train for no good reason.

This teenage moron is seen here in Melbourne's Watergardens station, immediately bashing himself into the concrete as his buddies cackle away.

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In the following CCTV video released by the cops, the kid stumbles to his feet after skidding along the concrete for a while.

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You can see an interview with the 17-year-old dingus in question right here, where he explains that jumping out of a train at an estimated 40 km/h (25 mph) is "stupid and ridiculous." In the interview, you can see he's only banged up and not seriously injured.


So now you know what happens when you jump out of a train coming into a station: you're gonna fall on your ass and it's gonna hurt like a bitch. Mystery solved.