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After Loverman quite possibly cursed his 512TR with bad PCH juju apparently inherited from the Spirit of Dietrich, CHP Officer Derek Midollo (or Derick Midolo, depending which LA network affiliate you affilitate yourself with) has been identified as the owner and driver of the Ferrari that dirt-napped itself into Morgan Brittany's Agoura Hills corral. His passenger The driver went by the name of David Bjorklund. Irony? Midol(l)o was a member of special teams charged with enforcing speed limits on mountain roads. [UPDATE: We've called the CHP searching for confirmation who subsequently shunted us through a few different numbers. So far, the West LA public affairs officer hasn't called us back and KTLA (although cooperative) says that they think that they don't have a clear shot of the plate. If you're so inclined, dial 818.888.0980 and ask whether plate number 3CVX197 was indeed that of the 512TR involved in the crash. First one to confirm it that we can verify wins a prize of indeteminate nature.]


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