There are a crap ton of cars at the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend, and let's be real here, class-by-class they all look pretty much the same. Now you can ID them all with this excellent Nismo spotter guide.

It's done by Andy Blackmore, the spotter guide extraordinaire. All the liveries are up to date, and the recently-dismantled Lotus LMP2 cars are still on there as it looks like they'll actually run.

Since these guides may be updating through the race, go right here on Andy Blackmore's site to get the guides for free in various forms. We've added the basic images here below, too. Also, we're a "media partner" this year which means we agreed to put up this post (joke is on Andy, we love his stuff so much we'd do it anyways) and he put our logo on the guide.



GT Cars

Track Guide/Info


Oh, and here's a key for how to read them at a glance.