Ideal Jalopnik Official Staff Car Located

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The Gawker Overlords have so far refused to buy us an Official Jalopnik Vehicle, no matter how much we've tried to convince them that something like a Citröen SM or Tatra 603 would give us such unassailable credibility that our competitors would simply fold their tents and go home. Now we've found what may be the perfect car for the NorCal Jalopnik office (which, conveniently enough, has just one employee):


this 1954 Lincoln Capri built to full Panamericana specs, a throwback to the era when you could utter the words "Lincoln" and "race car" in the same sentence and not confuse your listeners. A steal at $27,500! You listening, Overlords? [Craigslist Orange County; go here if ad disappears]


Raphael Orlove

All you would have to do is keep that pesky Alain de Cadanet from sneaking up and doing an hour long documentary about it.