Idaho to Champion Retractable Stud Snow Tires

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In a move that restores our faith in the ability of technology to help instead of hurt us, the State of Idaho is considering allowing the use of studded snow tires year round. Idaho Senator Jim Hammond is sponsoring legislation that would legalize retractable stud snow tires regardless of season. These marvels of tire technology feature an internal bladder that inflates and deflates at the push of a button to unleash the traction grabbing studs. The older tech variety of full time studded snows tend to chew up the state roads pretty well in the warmer months. The catch? Nobody sells such a tire yet, although Q Tires says theirs will be available for use this coming winter. Now if only we could make the bag of spuds in the cupboard retract their eyes, we would make some delicious hash browns.


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That's why you cover 'taters with a paper towel before you slaughter them; that way they won't see that they're about to be mutilated for your culinary pleasure.

Seriously, though, snow tires with retractable studs would rock like nobody's business.