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Icon's Corvette ZR1-Powered 1948 Buick Is Just Hilarious Fun

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Step 1: Take a barn find 1948 Buick Super Convertible. Step 2: Give it the Corvette ZR1 supercharged V8 with almost 700 horsepower. Step 3: Call it Derelict. Not Derelicte, just Derelict!

Jonathan Ward’s ICON is not your average chop shop. The work they do is amazing, and while the compony is mostly know for its re-imagined classic SUVs, if a crazy but also daily drivable 40s American convertible is what you’re after, they will make your dreams come true.


Quite a lot needs to be done to an old Buick to turn it into fast by today’s standards, but ICON’s team manages to do just that while also keeping all the patina gathered in the last six decades. Everything new is well hidden, all added parts have a period-correct look and the resulting car goes like stink without anybody worrying about its paint. It’s a Derelict after all.

Jay Leno calls it hilarious about twenty-three times in fewer minutes, but there’s really no better world for it.


Talk about comfortable!