Stolen Ferrari Daytona Worth $2.5 Million Found On Fire In Australia

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After intruders stole a pair of Ferraris—a 1986 Ferrari 328 worth over $100,000 and a 1972 Daytona worth $2.5 million—from an Australian repair shop on Friday morning, The Australian reports that the more expensive of the two was found ablaze the next day. The 328 remains missing.


To make it even worse, restoration of the Daytona finished up only three weeks ago. Its pristine condition didn’t last long—after discovering the car in Melbourne, a police statement said that it received extensive damage in the fire.

We’d (reluctantly) have to agree:

The Australian reports that the Ferrari Daytona was in the shop for a few minor repairs following its display at Melbourne’s Motorclassica exhibition held in late October. Authorities have yet to find the thieves, but believe that they entered the shop by ramming a roller door.

Before Enzo Ceravolo—the car’s current owner—bought the Ferrari five years ago, it had a handful of famous people behind the wheel. That list includes former Formula One driver James Hunt, who drove the car when the wife of his F1 team owner owned it. Pink Floyd member Roger Waters later owned the vehicle, as well as Dodi Fayed, the boyfriend of Princess Diana.

That’s a whole lot of history—and money—down the drain (or rather, up in flames). Ouch.

Photo credit: Police via The Australian

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