It's easy to say which state has the worst drivers (it's the state you live in, no matter where you are), but which one has the best?

It's a question that ghost650 asked when we saw that Utah upped some of its rural speed limits to 80 mph.

I was coincidentally just recounting a recent drive through Utah wherein my usual 75 MPH cruising speed found me firmly stuck in the slow lane as I hadn't the need to pass anyone. After several miles I realized why I was on the slow end of the flow of traffic: 80 mph speed limit!? As a bonus, almost everyone was observing the mythical "keep right unless overtaking" rule. It was by far the best experience I had on a highway during this past summer roadtrip.

That makes me wonder - what state have you driven through with the most well-behaved drivers?

Photo Credit: Dougtone