South Dakota is a big, mostly empty state. That means if you're, say, a student at the University of South Dakota, you'll likely have a long, boring drive back home. And, if you're like 33% of male students (and 9% of female) you may kill some of that boredom by getting all sexytime while you drive.

Those hot, sexy numbers are from a study by USD professor Cindy Struckman-Johnson. The study found that having sex while driving is far more common, at least among students in South Dakota, than anyone would reasonably expect.

"There are people getting killed out there because they're having sex while driving, either with themselves or with another person."

The study found that 40% of students cited sex while driving as "a distraction." Which, I think, checks out. An article from the Souix Falls Argus Leader gives the full scope of the erotic-driving problem:

... then devised a separate survey on sex while driving, which involved USD students volunteering to take a 103-question survey on the topic.

They got 721 responses: 195 men and 511 women. Of those, 64 men and 47 women reported engaging in some manner of sex while driving, including masturbation, oral or vaginal sex or genital touching. Men were more likely to participate as drivers, women as passengers.

Oral sex was the most common activity, followed by genital touching, masturbation and vaginal sex.

Also of note, Gaster said, was where the sex took place: More than half the time, it was on a two-lane or four-lane highway, and nearly half of the time at speeds of 61-80 mph.

Oh, you stupid, stupid, horny kids. Just pull over. We're not going to come out against driving or fucking or anything like that, but come on, all of these things are worthwhile enough endeavors to command you full attention. If you want or need to drive, then drive. If you want to fuck, pull over. How hard is that?

Although, based on quotes from the surveys like

"One of the students wrote 'it's a five or six hour drive home," she said. "What am I supposed to do?"

... I have to admit I'm wondering how much fucking was actually happening, and how much fucking with was going on.

Regardless, don't fuck and drive, ok?