So you already like Jalopnik on Facebook and enjoy receiving various and sundry tweets on the Twitter regarding our stories. Good for you! But you've always been longing for more. Well, long for more no, umm, longer.

This is how you can get some quality, personal, one-on-one time with us, the Jalopnik staff. It's like having us all in your living room... just without the smell.

Next week is a very big one: The Detroit Auto Show. Most of our crew will be there, running amongst throngs of auto journalists looking for that big automotive scoop or that next free shrimp cocktail.

We'll be Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, and eHarmony-ing pictures of our latest and greatest finds on the show floor as well as insights and sarcastic remarks about anything and everything we see.

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Matt Hardigree

The Brains

If Julius Caesar, Winston Churchill, and John "Hannibal" Smith had a child, that child would despise Matt Hardigree. A native Texan and typically boastful, Hardibro was once the site's most prolific voice. Now he just inserts "This" and "How" into headlines. He owns a Merkur and frequently takes photos of his food because he's an unrepentant hipster doofus.


Jason Torchinsky


You know how you read some Jalopnik posts, and find yourself shaking your head and thinking "this is a cry for help." Check the byline — it's probably Jason. Jason's the one who does the goofy drawings and hacks car parts into videogame controllers, seems obsessed with steam vehicles, and won't shut up about his archaic car he somehow gets around in.


Travis Okulski


Travis is Jalopnik's resident Miata owner and he makes sure everybody on staff is reminded of it daily. We get it, he has a nearly purple little roadster that he apologizes for bragging about. We're not sure he understands what the word "brag" means. He enjoys long walks on the beach, fine dining, and driving his Miata to the beach for a bit of fine dining.


Patrick George


An avid Prince enthusiast and an expert at getting tossed out of Spurs games for trash talking, Jalopnik's Washington Bureau Chief is the newest addition to the staff. Another native Texan (the site employs them through a prison work release program) Patrick aspires to one day waste a bunch of money on a car he can't take care of properly, like a Porsche 944 Turbo.


Raphael Orlove

Inside Man

Raphael is usually found at car shows, exposing himself to 1970s Maseratis. When he's out on bail, he spends his time writing about hoonage and rap songs about cars. If you want to stalk him and you're in NYC just keep an eye out for a ratty Baja Bug.



Mike Spinelli

The Wise One

From his instagram profile you'd assume Mike Spinelli was a man of the world. Actually, Spinelli only travels so far as his 1974 Vandura will take him. He sleeps by the light of a lava lamp, listens only to Motörhead, and will probably spend the entire show loudly pronouncing things in a faux-outerborough accent.